Counseling and ADHD Coaching Services For:





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Do you or someone in your family struggle with... 

Procrastination?  Disorganization? 

Impulsiveness? Chronic Lateness?  

Lack of Motivation?

The effects of ADD/ADHD on life can be confusing and discouraging.  Having a brain that is wired differently than those around you is often frustrating and heartbreaking. With education, acceptance and skills you will be able to make improvements and move forward.

Parents: Wouldn't you Like Raising Your Child to be Easier?

I used to drive my mom crazy.  If she had only known that I had ADHD and how to help me, life would have been much easier for both of us.  She wouldn't have been so frustrated and I wouldn't have felt so bad about just being me.  We now know so much more about what is going on with kids and what can be done to make life better for them and their parents.  If you don't have time to read all of the books and want life to be calmer and more pleasant, I can help. 

Adults: Are you Feeling Overwhelmed by Everyday Life?

Do you struggle to motivate yourself, focus on what’s important, and succeed at your goalsAre you often unorganized, overwhelmed and frustrated? 

If you want to break this cycle and learn how to manage your adult ADD once and for all, then give me a call. I am passionate about working with people to understand their brains, change their self-defeating patterns and develop new habits. I've helped many clients rise above their challenges and move forward to lives that are joyful and fulfilling.   

What's Unique About me? 

  • I'm both a counselor and a coach. 
  • For counseling you can use your insurance and I am in network with BCBS, Aetna, Medica, Preferred One, Tricare, UCare, ComPsych, United HealthCare, and United Behavioral Health including the medical assistance versions. 
  • Coaching provides education, skills, strategies & support. 
  • Counseling helps resolve the anxiety, depression, relationship issues & low self esteem that are often caused by ADD. 
  • I have ADHD and that first hand experience adds another level of insight & understanding.

At this point I am just meeting virtually

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